About Me



Art Direction, Marketing Consultant & Brand Builder

I went to work for my small town newspaper in high school and knew that design would be my career for life. My background includes design and management in the publishing industry, marketing communications for ad agencies, as well as project management for Fortune 500 Corporate America. I graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1996 with a Mass Communications major and a Business minor, and spent several years in Minneapolis, MN before moving to South Dakota and now residing in Missouri.


15 years ago with the birth of my daughter, I jumped feet first into creative consulting and freelance design work for various clients. I have worked for businesses all over the country strictly from WORD OF MOUTH, as I have never placed an ad or actively sought after clients. Its been a pleasure to work for so many businesses and entrepreneurs who are the real superstars making things happen in their businesses! I love the challenge of balancing artistic expression with business logic to build unique brands. It’s a sweet reward to bring my clients dreams to reality by giving them a brand to be proud of. I’d love to go to work for you!


This is your business and your dream! I want you to enjoy the design process and get excited and confident about your brand!


Simple packages with upfront pricing… it can be this easy. 

3-Day Website – $3000

Fully customized 5-page website in 3 business days! You supply your logo, brand guidelines and any supporting photography and I’ll do the rest! Simply schedule a consult call and completed the web intake form and 3 days later your site is ready to launch! 

Brand Bundle – $795

Custom logo and Brand Style Guide packed full of usage rules, complimentary color palettes and codes, fonts and supporting typography.  Also included is a brand inspiration page with suggested imagery to get you excited to share your brand across various marketing platforms.

Have More QUestions? I have ANswers.